Sun Bright Sparrow

April 8, 2011
By thelunatic BRONZE, L.I.C, New York
thelunatic BRONZE, L.I.C, New York
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I'm waiting for you with the grave dug deep, but your body I still can't see. You said you would be home by now, what happened? we both agreed. If this is a joke I don't see how it's funny. I've waited way too long, and my love for you is long gone. The shriveled rose on the table there, has aged along with my skin... so fair. The lines on my face, read so many stories of the countless days I've weeped. And now my skin is melting off like wax in the fire. My body looks red and bloody, with nothing but flesh. I sat here all this time with nobody to caress. My flesh is rotting, and it's turning black, with the pungent smell of death... how long until I see your face or about it I forget. The sun-bright swallow never sang upon the birch bough so high, and you never came with your sun-bright sparrow, instead you said goodbye. My flesh is long, my skeleton looks plain and skinny. My bony figure, and my skully face have nothing to do but lie here. You never came with you sun-bright sparrow to kiss my fair. My boat has sunk and now I'm lying here in the grave I dug for you, under the heart-carved tree trunk.

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