Back To You

April 8, 2011
By sjoslin16 SILVER, Havertown, Pennsylvania
sjoslin16 SILVER, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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Seems like after
All you've done,
I would have learned by now...

Sometimes i question how smart i am,
I'm shocked by how much i allow...

Up and down,
emotions flaring,
I don't know what more i can do...

Deep down i wonder what i am thinking,
when i keep coming back to you.

And you shout
and i cry
seeing how deep a hole
you've violently thrown me into...

But i love you so mcuh,
that despite all the scarring,
I keep coming back to you.

I'm living life,
but barely living,
worried i'll do something wrong.

Being afraid of making you angry
makes the days and nights seem slow and long...

Bring the wrath,
bring the pain,
it's what i am accustomed to you.

I have no where to turn,
no one else to love me,
so i keep coming back to you.

And you curse
and i shake,
knowing none of the love you gave
me was remotely true.

But i love you so much
that despite all the tearfall,
i keep coming back to you.

And i'll say that i'm done,
that i'm leaving,
so you can no longer break me in two...

But i love you so much,
that i feel like a liar,
cause i keep coming back to you.

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