April 8, 2011
A gentle swirl of honeybees
dance around the oak tree
in the thick afternoon air.
The bright yellow orb of sun
beats down on their fuzzy yellow
and black bodies
as they lazily float over pastel flowers.
The smell of honey
travels through the air
with the humid breeze,
whipping past the emerald fingers
of the trees.
Squeals of little children
as they shimmy through the brush,
trampling flowers underneath;
sharp cries as the bees emerge
and they quickly scamper back
to the safety of the sprinkler.
Smoldering sunset sees the bees to bed,
illuminating the hive
a deep golden brown
as the kids hop around the yard
suited up with flashlights and mason jars
as fireflies replace the honeybees,
mimicking the late summer stars
that begin to dot the sky.

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