Life Is: The Sunrise/set

April 11, 2011
By HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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Life is a sunrise
A sunset
A beginning
An end
And both of them are so beautiful
The sunrise
The way the sky is black
Then indigo
Changes to a deep blue
Which lightens as it fades
To the rosy glint
When you wake and look out the window
Staring at the sphere like a peach in the sky
Watching the sunrise
The dawn, aurora
The sunset
The way the sky is blue
Fading to twilight
To dusky shades of aster
Wisteria, lavender and violet
Azure like sapphire when they stars begin to show
When lay on your bed and drift
The end of the night
The beginning of the day
Like the beginning of a conversation
A fresh start because the sun clears the sky each morning
The end to the day
The start of the night
Like the close of a story
A soft embrace when you're ready to sleep
Life is the sun in the sky
Because it marks the day

The author's comments:
please comment, and check out my other work! this is the 7th in a sort of series on life.

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