My life

April 8, 2011
I watched the lights pass in flashes to quick to see
I smell the alcohol flooding from the drunk just down a seat
I felt the annoy cheap covered seat rub against my thighs
I heard the baby scream as we ran over the tracks
I tasted the dank dust that hung in my mouth from the train

So discussing but yet so calming
So normal but yet so different every day
So comfortable but yet so scary

I sat at that chair just like yesterday
I waved hello to the waitress just like yesterday
I order the same food just as yesterday
I eat, paid, and left just like yesterday
I walked home just like yesterday

So route but yet so many paths
So boring but yet so loving
So secure but yet so dangerous

I opened the door to the same old place
I put my coat and shoes in the same old place.
I checked my mail in the same old place.
I walked to the shower still in the same old place.
I fell in bed in the same old place.

So similar but yet so out of order
So weird but yet so ordinary
So familiar but yet still my life

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