Blowing wind

April 8, 2011
the breeze is endless, dont you ever feel it and just want to stand there for eternity. or just follow it, just sway along side it forever. but you always have to move again because your body hurts because humanity wont let you?Sometimes i just mellow out. i understand why its understandable, to just leave alone the things in the world there is no need to take part in...because that isnt my place. but it just hurts so much knowing that maybe tomorrow i will again not understand the reason why i have this restless feeling inside. im meant for something and i haven't found it yet and that's why i continuously look...i wonder what it is, is it music? is it a place im met to be?, am i the helper of something that's meant to happen? or am i thing that makes it happen? or possible am i just the scenery the person who's the over-looker to all t his and silently records? i wonder what ever it is if im able to except that all the time or not. or perhaps even t hat is what my place is, to ask question always be seeking, share with someone and if it becomes too much of a burden for me....well then there's all ive touched ant spoken to....

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