"To Whom I Adore"

April 8, 2011
“To Whom I Adore”

(After Pablo Neruda)

One word then, one smile, is enough.
And I am completely yours.
Your beauty has overpowered me
Your skin is beautiful, soft and fragile
As soon as I touch it
A wave of goose bumps cover my skin.
Like a fly caught on a spider’s web,
I’m trapped in the sight of your deadly eyes.
You are like a lion

Fierce, yet intelligent.
Your silence kills me
I must listen to your voice.
Say something,
Anything at all.
The sound of your voice enlightens me
It sounds better than a flock of birds chirping.

I see you walking
I want to speak to you,
but you terrify me
With your two oceans of eyes.
I wish I can speak to you
Just so you can reject me
Deny me
Discard me
Just cast me off
You are too perfect for me
It is a mistake even thinking that something between us can happen

Tell me you never want to see me again
Free me from your trap.
Tell me I cannot be with you,
So I can dream again.

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