Nothing is predictable; there is always a hidden curve

April 8, 2011
By J.Wolff BRONZE, Stoneham, Massachusetts
J.Wolff BRONZE, Stoneham, Massachusetts
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Nothing is predictable; there is always a hidden curve

Life is a hidden curve.
Nothing in anyone’s life is ever the same.
Every day there is something different and always some sort of change.
Whenever you try to prepare yourself for the biggest extreme, you always get more than you could possibly dream.
There is always that hidden curve
Just like driving down the road at night, and your lights aren’t too bright and out of nowhere there is that damn hidden curve.
So what do you do? YOU SWERVE!
Anything and everything has its own mystery hidden behind it, like a shadow.
Those lonely walks at night, to the car or home from a friend’s,
As you walk you look at the shadows in the light, and there is that one hidden, indescribable shadow that freaks you out?
When you take one step forward you take three backwards,
Every positive has a negative.
Trying to overcome this “bad luck” you set a goal of what you want
But all that is wanted isn’t achieved
There is always a hidden curve!

The author's comments:
There is always a hidden curve!

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