My Glass Heart

April 8, 2011
By veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
veronicacoltsfan3 BRONZE, Riverdale, Utah
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My glass heart has almost fallen apart
I never knew how much could be shattered out of my heart
There's a crack here and there for all that's gone wrong
I should have figured that I wasn't supposed to be here all along
There's a crack for the boy I never should have kissed
For everything I've done will be added to that list
My heart is fragile...but no more it seems to be
It's cracking and breaking right inside of me
Each time a crack forms, another piece begins to fall
No one comes to pick it up or hear my soundless call
One piece left, now has dropped to the floor
No wonder she was always called a dirty, useless hoare

The author's comments:
That feeling of your heart hurting because of anything you've done, or someone has done to you, a crack is there for each one. The more cracks your heart gets, the more fragile it gets.

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