A Furry Friend

April 8, 2011
By DanaE. BRONZE, Joshua, Texas
DanaE. BRONZE, Joshua, Texas
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All the day soaking sun,
Cats and kittens come out to have fun,
Running, hopping, prancing with glee;
Only to find out they were chasing a bee.

These four-legged creatures are very mischievous
So don’t let their cute faces leave you oblivious,
They play with your laces; sleep on your clothes,
Don’t be surprised when they pounce on your toes.

They’re extremely curious and very clean
They sleep soundly and so serene,
However; drinking milk too sour and sticky,
Can leave their litter box really quite stinky.

Love a cat and let him be
He can help your health, soon you’ll see;
It’s free medicine, mainly for the soul
Just enjoy; relax, it’ll take its toll.

They’ll claw at your sofas,
They’ll claw at your mat
This is why curiosity killed the cat.

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