Runaway girl

April 8, 2011
By Tyana BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Tyana BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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" If You Love Someone Let Them Go & If They Come Back They Were Always Yours & If They Dont They Were Never Yours At All "

The girl who runs away she never looks back, never stops running. The girl that cries more than she smiles curses at the wind, wishing for death. The girl who fakes a smile trusts no one, the girl that has a second chance at life a chance to influence greatly, a new spark of life in hers. She looks into the eyes of that newborn baby and she smiles while her heart is aching; she just wants to hold him, so fragile, so delicate. Can I hold him? He’s adorable. His hands are tiny and they reach out for her, she lays her hand in his, she feels complete. The girl who decides to make a change for the better she’s going to set a good example, she will do whatever it takes. The girl, who falls in love, hates herself for that fact. She always gets hurt but not anymore. Fragile baby you won’t hurt me, I love you. The girl who decides to stay makes a better life for herself and her new addition. The girl who used to run away who used to curse at the wind and wish for death. The girl who hides the pain with a smile but smiles now for that little hand on her heart.

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from the heart, comments aprecciated

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