I Have

April 8, 2011
I have a passion for music,
Laugh a lot,
And think clouds are beautiful.
I have short hair and legs,
My mom’s face,
My dad’s sense of humor,
Which I used to wish would
Be different.
People say I’m loving,
But I hate to love.
I still want to be different,
And I won’t always have short hair
And I might not always think
Clouds are beautiful.

I have a cowgirl’s body,
A nose I got from my mother and
Sometimes I’m off balance,
I blush when I’m embarrassed,
I’m bad at taking advice,
I can’t draw very well but
I like to think I can.
I sing.

I used to be loud
And talk all the time,
But I still can’t draw,
And I’ll probably always
Be off balance
And my body
Won’t always be like a cowgirl.

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