Strand of Faith

April 7, 2011
Holding on to a single strand of thread, losing every bit of faith

Pounding on the inside, could it be the holy wraith

What lies in the future, only time will see

My vision fades, but I sense this white light chasing me
All the wondrous worlds out there- and I was heading towards the

My body and mind so young, but my soul so old
And all the warmth in the world began to turn so cold
They all told us to chase our goals and dreams, “We could be whatever
we wanted to be”
But they forgot to tell us it was already destiny
So I sat there staring at the piece in my hand- waiting for the
universe’s answers to unfold

With swollen eyes, and the sand beneath my feet I stared at the sun as
it whispered to me
Face to Piece- Reminding myself this is how it’s meant to be
“You’re already dead”, exclaimed the whispers of the sun
“My light is always going to shine on you” But the piece interrupted
and shouted, “Your time is done”
So I stood bewildered and listened to the sun and the piece argue freely

You could hear the “boom” as the gun dropped to the ground
Looked at it for one more moment-then the sun and turned around
I was going to hold on to that single strand of thread
Because the sun made me realize I was already dead
Destiny was bound

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