Hard But, Not Impossible

May 5, 2011
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It’s hard to forgive
After all he’s done
He’s torn you apart from inside-out
And has every piece memorized

It’s hard to forget
The number of tears that have drenched your cheek
And how he tore your heart in two

It’s hard to move on
When all you see is his face
Every time your eyes are closed

It’s hard to dream
When reality kicks in
And tells you he’s gone

It’s hard to smile
When there’s no one at all
To make you truly happy

It’s hard to ignore
All the reminders
That comes your way

It’s hard to hold back the tears
That come with every thought of him

It’s hard to remember
Why it has to
Be this way….

It’s hard to keep living
When there’s nothing
There except pain

It’s hard to love again
When part of you is missing

But, then you hear it
That voice that made everything bad go away
Calling your name

You don’t get you hopes up
It’s happened before
A memory of him to remember him by
Since you have nothing else

But, there he is

Same hair

Same eyes

Same smile

Smiling at you

Then you’re running

Pushing your legs as fast as they can go
Which isn’t fast enough? But, once your in his arms…...

It’s not so hard to forgive

Not so hard to forget

No thoughts of moving on

It’s possible to dream

It’s easy to smile

No need to ignore

No purpose to hold back tears of joy

No point in remembering

A reason to live

And someone to love

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omniscient said...
Jul. 5, 2011 at 12:58 am
i love this.... it is exactly what happens to me every time with BERN (blue eyed russian ninja :) it's not racist it's simply who he is...lol..he's my ninja) it feels kind of empty when he first said goodbye, then kind of like i was drownding....but when i got him back it was almost like i had never lost him, except i had an intense need to never lose him again. i'm not sure this makes sense but thats ok. basically all you need to understand is i love it...the rest is probably just because i tal... (more »)
Angel_eyes replied...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 6:20 pm
Lol :) thanks so much that means a lot and I understand completely I wrote this way before I met Ryan tehe. (my panda) but now that I've had him and lost him I think this poem really says just what I've been feeling especially since I just got him back today XD you love my poem and I love him <3 
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