Angels & Demons

April 15, 2011
By surferchick BRONZE, Deleware, Arkansas
surferchick BRONZE, Deleware, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
Madness is alot like gravity. All it takes is a little push.

-The Joker-

Devils dance all around
Angels sing of a heaven
Very long forgotten
Devils play with me
Angels look down on me
From heavenly highs
Which should I choose
They are both so consuming
They pull at my strings
But too bad for them
I have already chosen
A path I've dreamt of
A heavenly glow
With shadows of darkness
Laying in waiting
Waiting for a time
When I'm caught defenseless
When I'm caught in the cross-fire
When no one can help When I'm so so far gone
Not even I want out
They will take control
They will leak inside
They will obliterate me
And I'll enjoy it
I'll enjoy the pain
I'll love the wounds inflicted
And crave their icy touch
The shadows will breathe
They will love the life taken
They will drag me down. down
Somewhere my cries won't be heard
And I'll smile at death
I'll stick out my neck
And invite him to swing away
And he will enjoy it.
Almost as much as me

The author's comments:
I wrote this for people who enjoy basking in the radiant sun, but who also enjoy a walk on the wild side every now and then.

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