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April 1, 2011
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To people I’m the kid that was always bad, the kid that nobody wanted to be around. I used to get sad, and so mad, but then I realized it wasn’t them I was mad at, I was mad myself. You see, I got lost in a world, I thought I had control of, I thought I was invincible and know could hurt me. Then I recognized it wasn’t them that was hurting me , it me hurting myself and I didn’t know how to stop. Then I found her, the girl of my dreams the one who I strive everyday to make a difference not in just me, but others who struggle with the same difficulties I felt and encountered. To me, my girl just was a motivation to me but to others. I walk now through the halls of my school head high, ready to make a difference, and waiting on that kid who is lost and needs a hand to pull him out. I write this for any lost kid who needs help, there is a way out all you need is hand to pull you out and I just thank my girlfriend for lending her hand out to me and pulling me out of shadow and embracing me with the gift love.

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