April 1, 2011
By breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
'My heart is like a blackhole, It has no dark end.'

Every image and sight of him,
Makes you want to cry.
Your heart breaks and shatters,
Of the lost you have to shoulder.

You become numb to the core,
Pain, emotion and regret,
Become sharper and harder to bear.
Your soul tears itself,
Inside and out.

Your breath becomes shallow,
And tears flow down your check.
Your heart begins to weaken,
Your organs begin to tear.

There’s too much pain to handle,
Your heart is giving in to tremor.
Your short lived life,
Is sadly coming to an end.?

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