struggling for life

April 1, 2011
By breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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'My heart is like a blackhole, It has no dark end.'

Having to constantly worry,
When the day will finally come.
The day that she’ll leave us,
When she’s ready to pass away.

Checking on her every waking hour,
Black shadows underneath our eyes.
Time passes in weeks slowly,
She gets worse with each day that passes by.

The toll on us is great,
Gray hairs begin to take reign.
Our lives become miserable,
Just having to watch her die painfully.

Seeing her hooked up to an oxygen tank,
Her death being a slow process.
Having to hear her coughing horribly,
Seeing her unable to breath.

She does nothing but sleep all day,
And stares at the television set all night.
When she’s awake and drowsy,
She hardly eats a thing.

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