Saw You Standing There

April 1, 2011
I saw you standing there,

But I was so afraid

So afraid of what they would say,

So afraid to tell you,So afraid to admit

That I had liked you

I love you...

My shadowed midnight has

Become a shadowy dawn because of you.

You are you

But when I am with you

I am not me,

I am free,

Not burdened by this pain I struggle with,

And so I thank you,

For that chance...

Just to know you....

And if I had a choice,

Between you living and me?

Well lets just say,

You're worth it,

Worth the fall,

Worth the end...

But I long in my heart of hearts that this

Will never happen

And that I will always be held by you....

Always be safe with you to protect me....

I saw you standing there...

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