I Know Who I Am

April 1, 2011
By jiann-mai BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
jiann-mai BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
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I want you to know that I am not naive-
I am young
and in the midst of eternal poetry.
It beckons me relentlessly
It compels me to test my limits

and challenges the very foundations of my reality
as colours turn into remarkable scenery
in my mindscape.
They morph into letters, words, sentences and
passages that begin to tell a conscious story
stemming from a subconscious place
that I’ve been pining after for what feels like eternity.

The author's comments:
Being what feels like trapped in my extra year of highschool, every waking moment of my life is an infusion of regression and progression. My current life has become a paradox that's reaped the fruits of redisocvery and reinvention of the only interest that I have ever stuck to- the only passion that I dare declare to be one: writing and reading the written word for in my eyes, there is truly not a more effective way of expression, at least not for me. Instead of compelling myself to embody this tortured writer character these days, I have felt compelled to simply write because my life is one of many that has been consumed by a consistently inconsistent train of thought.

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