March 18, 2011
It’s hard seeing her like this
The ruffled hair, careless clothes, and
The death wish her eyes hold

I’ve seen her do odd, unspeakable things
But the worst part of it all is
I’ve seen her at her best

Years ago when she smiled more then she cried
Before whoever broke her came along
She cared about herself
A lot more back then. But now,

I watch her bleed
Day after day of suffering
See her screaming begging for mercy
From whoever can take the pain away.
But no one will ever rescue her from herself

She has created an angry monster
That only I can see growing inside
And when she looks at me,
I know she can see it too

She avoids me now more then ever
Seeing that monster just seems to disgust her
I can only watch her sink farther and farther
Into oblivion.
I deeply wish I could look away
But there’s nothing I can do.

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