My Hole

March 18, 2011
I must finish
What I have started

No turning back
Digging deeper
for a way out
I know
Is not there

Down so deep
I can no longer
see the light
It's been covered
filled with dirt
Just enough room
To breathe

I'm hoping
Telling you
My most painful
of secrets
(If one can call it so)

Who I've told
Did not take it seriously
Did not believe me
Did not understand
Did not acknowledge it
Did not respect it

Could you be
from all the others?
I hope you are . . .

Don't back away
I don't understand
I'm the one who has them

I've mentioned it
Once to my parents
My mom
Thought I was sneaking

I knew about
Michael's present
from visions
I got a good card idea
for that vision

My mom
Asked me
How I knew
"Did you see?"

I told her I did not
I said
She put it off
As a fake-out
I kept
To myself
After that

Should you ever
Asked me
About my visions
for something specific
I cannot give it to you
They are unclear

Do you get it?
I hardly ever
Have anything
Good to see . . .

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