Time to Go

March 17, 2011
Time to go
lets say good-bye
tears fall down
departure awaits us
you fade away
pale as day
I turn away
can't face this
pain I feel
Your line goes
flat like paper
laying on tables
I fall down
to my knees
bury my face
in my hands
A part of
me is gone
my heart goes
weaker like never
before but I
close the door
can't find time
to talk with
my friends I'm
falling apart from
the outside in
I cry in
silence my best
I ask everyday
Why it had
to be you
I cry day
after day in
hopes of seeing
your face again
But the more
I think about
it the more
they fall from
my brown eyes
the Lord took
what meant the
most to me
away in ending
her pain and
suffering and in
turn I hurt
day after day
but I am
getting better just
to get worse
with your birthday
around the corner
so close to
the day of
your passing but
I will try
my best not
to cry but
I just can't
promise you no
Because it's you
I love the
most and I
can't have you
to hold anymore
Rest in peace
My best friend
and amazing Oma

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