The Star

April 3, 2011
By caranyak45 BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
caranyak45 BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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(This is my 2nd poem of my life and I was merely a fool to write it before my physics exam. Although I feel this poem may not express its emotions at its full peak…but I wish you may like it and I would be soon expecting your opinion .Thank You. You may not like it but do tell me without any fear that you don’t. Thank You.)

A little boy saw a star in the night sky,
That twinkled in extremities of bright,
It seemed as to be the only diamond in the night sky,
And the majesty of the star made him rejoice.

It twinkled and shined so beautifully,
As if it were an innocent child,
The more it twinkled; it expressed its mirth and happiness,
And now the child’s mind was in the peak of its curiousness.

The brightness, calmness and the silence prevailing in the star,
Had a great impact on the child,
So the child asked inquisitively,
“Who are you, my dear friend? Please do not mind me asking.”

The star did not answer but shone more brightly,
Expressing its happiness more vividly,
But the boy got very angry and chided at it softly,
No sooner than he did that, then he fell asleep.

The night lulled him to sleep,
To attain eternal peace,
The night went by,
And morning arrived.

When the child woke up he was disappointed,
As the star was nowhere to be seen,
He felt sorry for his action,
He felt the star might have been angry for the last night’s act.

He waited all day fixing his gaze at the sky,
Did not eat all day and did not move from the bed,
Waited for the night,
So the star could come to his sight.

At night the star arrived,
And the child was angry as well as sad on seeing it,
The innocent child asked, “Were did you go yesterday night?”
And retorted, “I am very angry upon you at this moment”

The star twinkled more dimly,
As if it were sadder,
The bright shine disappeared,
So did fade its happiness.

The child remained silent for some time,
And seemed to be in some sort of confusion,
He thought why does this happen,
And came to a very silly conclusion.

“As the stars lull us to sleep at night,
And for that we can work fresh at morning,
The stars also require a time to sleep,
So that they can make us sleep.”

And hence he made this thought,
Smiled at the star and thanked it,
And went asleep,
And the star kept shining more brightly.

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on May. 10 2011 at 11:33 am
Touchstone BRONZE, Calcutta, Other
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nice 1 ....  well written bro


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