April 11, 2011
By theoneandonlyme13 PLATINUM, Elizabeth, Colorado
theoneandonlyme13 PLATINUM, Elizabeth, Colorado
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Mr.DJ is it a possible to make a request to the one guy i love
He finally just up and left
i need to tell him im really sorry for being such a fool
if i no him he will just keep driving and driving and never come back,
Hey Mr.DJ can you play something that will make him think bout me
can you send it from a girl that has done him wrong
can you make it where it would turn his car around
can you let him no im really sorry .
something that will stay in his mind to call me.
Im sure you get this all the time but my broken heart is toward in two
can you play that special song that will show him im really sorry.
im hoping he will have his radio on when you play a song that gets him thinking bout me
that will make him turn his car around just sent it out from a girl that did him wrong.
just something that reaches out when hes thinking about me that will weigh down his mind.
Mr.DJ can i make a request somebody i love just up and left...
he might just have his radio on so send the song from a girl who has a broken heart.
i no you get request for a heart brake that's trying to reaches out from the dark but there's something
different about mine. Mr.DJ can you play a special song that will make him turn his car around
and come back to me.
can you tell him im really sorry
tell him that my heart is falling in two.
can you tell him to not go to far because i need to tell him im really sorry
something i have to say
something i need to say
im really sorry
i made a big mistake
and im hoping he has his radio on.
play something that sends a message that im really sorry
something that will tug at his heart.
play something that will get him thinking bout me.
something that reaches out and weighs on his mind
im just hoping maybe he might have his radio on.

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