i want

April 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I want to let it let it out
I want scream and yell and get shake it out
I am tired of this insane bull
Y’all its time to stop this anger this hatred
And let your inner self shine its time to forgive and its time to forget.
I want to let it let it out
I want scream and shake it out
So I can be better!
And its time we all come to learn
From what we have known.
And when we are angry or upset go to your happy place.
And look from within your soul.
I want I want to let it go
I want to forget about you.
But I cant.
I want to let it let it be.
But it’s hard it’s hard to forget.
The pain inside.
But I guess I look within my soul.
I will I will I will when I see you again…
Shun you. And walk away and look a head. And keep on walking.
So you know how it feels to be hurt.

I want to feel okay again!! ?

Some day some day some day we will all be okay again
We will walk ahead and shine and one day we will all be
Back in each other’s lives as we smile and come to forgive and let time pass.

Let time pass let it pass let it pass
Let everything be the way it should be right now.
Let things be okay and let things not be okay.
Try to fix it and if you cant let it be.
Let it be let it be.
If you have to scream yell punch something
But let it out let it out let it out…
Make yourself better by looking within yourself.
And let it be okay for today
As tomorrow will be a present
I want to scream and shake it out of me

I want to feel strength
I want to feel how I am supposed to feel
But then it hit me its just life
Its just life. ?

The author's comments:
it brought my inner self out.. and its something everybody can relate too sometimes. :)

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