The show must go on

April 10, 2011
Do you see?
There that man standing?
Yes the one with such a grin?
He stays though he cant win
For the show must go on.
Though the curtain has been drawn?
Yes, he is lost in this world
Into which he has been hurled
For the show must go on.
Do you see them clamoring?
At the one we tell has brawn
He sees them and misbeleives, when
they say they can be true
for he is not I or you
taking life at face value
he thinks of double motives
the truth behind the ones he might've
had they always said
what was true within his head
he doesn't trust
as far as can be thrown one
For the show must go on.
Everyone acting the part that they think
will help the man that cant seem to think
of a way to do the things he may think
are what is right for hymn
be it rhyme or reason,
a love of high treason
why should he trust?
For the show must go on.
The lights are off
the actors have left
the main will scoff
at the burden he must heft
For the show must go on.

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