I Don't Mind

April 10, 2011
Take me back to my animalistic core.

Strip me of my humanity;
I don't want it anymore.

Undo these chains of identification.

Give me back my identity.

Erase these sins of oppressing
And these pains of oppression.

Kill the force that makes me


Release me from this unspoken


I made to society.

Unbound me from the



I made to be

Socially Accepted.

Return the loyalty
I took away from my


My intelligence.

My own instinct.

And deliver my brethren
Who now fall slave to the tyranny
Of the fragile hierarchy
of a Conformist's word.

Before we become


I'd like to feed this world a plague
And watch it die slowly in pain.

They say an eye for an eye
Makes the world go blind.

But they also say
Ignorance is bliss.
And after walking through all of this

I don't think I'd mind.

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