April 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Use me in omnipresent circles that I have never seen before
It took exactly 3 months and 11 days to this realize this sad fact
That I have been living in a constant terrible wind of cold and hot wind of your emotions that maybe just maybe I took that with me to distant lands hoping you could hear my screams from such a distance
I was wrong to much dismay the sky is clouding and becoming one and I am stuck in a place of confusion and disorientation
With all the things the wind could carry with it swirling around my head trying to end my life
They scrap bones and scar hearts that have only just found the true meaning of that word you speak so lovingly of ….. What is that word again.. Love, right, that stupid word that is desperate in the hearts of almost every teenage girl wanting to find it in the heart of some boy who will take her heart and use it for his own games
But im not writing about love, this poem is about a T3 tornado that destroyed all the dreams and hopes of a mindset that was so naive it found refuge in hell in order to feel special
Where the devil whispered in her ear confidence and strength even though she knew she would end up at this very place
So what do you do in the wake of a tornado .. Do you run? Do you hide in hell? Do you let the wind sweep you in with the graceful hands of death?
Please tell me because right now I can hear the warning blaring from the TV and I am stuck in indecision at what path of destruction to take

3 months and 11 days later…..

Quick update : I have succumb to your taunts and looks of malice and trust I can not believe a single word you say because I know its not coming from your mouth but the heart of a tornado looking for a new path off destruction.
The breathing has stopped and the rushed heartbeats have slowed to a bored and almost deathly pace.
I’m feeling a little free so I must tell you something dear tornado i am not a strong building a you can not destruct iam that lost child wondering how death could be so close but yet so beautiful
And you with arms so strong and open will accept me because destruction is not what you do its how you live
Because sweetheart as you wrap me in hell fire and wind please remember “These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder”

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