The Single Rose

April 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Standing tall,
With baby’s breath ,
The morning sun
Shining through the glass,

The children rush in,
She begins to teach
The period passes by,
And the first petal drops

Its lunch time now
The fresh water fills my glass
A few leaves fall, and disappear
The sun shifts again,
Leaving me in the shadows
And the second petal drops

From orange to pink
My petals fade,
The sun sets,
The children go to sleep,
And the third petal drops

My breath withers,
My petals droop,
And slowly fall from
My heightened stoop,
Like the moon beams
Coming down , they
Lay on the floor,
To stay there for evermore

The author's comments:
the rose mentioned was given to my english teacher after her husband was in a car crash, it was so pretty siting on her desk

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