Japan and the Pain of the Thousands

April 9, 2011
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They hear a rumble and a crack,
Soon followed by a million screams.
The earth shakes and exposes its core.
Buildings tumble like dominoes.
Debris and ash flutter to the ground.
Children orphaned in mere seconds.
Families split apart.
A great nation brought to its knees,
By Mother Nature.
She shows her frighteningly beautiful face.
Once again she shows she is in control.

The death toll rises only to get worse.
The monstrous waves follow,
Eating away whole cities.
A tsunami that brings more chaos.

A huge body of water that seems,
To be created out of civilization itself.
Cars, houses and boats are seen within.
It picks up more and more carnage,
Of the lost cities and towns.

People have no choice,
But to seek the higher grounds.
To watch from rooftops,
As their homes are consumed.
To watch as the atrocious mudslide,
Greedily envelopes the island.
So many citizens now without homes,
A basic human necessity.

I watched this in horror,
Sitting my couch at home.
Relaxed, until the horrifying headlines appear.
The shaky amateur videos,
Show me how lucky I am.
How lucky we are.
I feel the pain of the thousands.
I see as Japan in slowly diminished to rubble.
I can’t believe my eyes,
The nightmare I’m seeing.

The death toll rises to over five-thousand,
With over nine-thousand missing.
Maybe the lost will never be found.
A child or a husband,
Maybe a wife or grandparent.
So much destruction and chaos and death.
And some people don’t respect their lives.

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band_lover said...
May 11, 2011 at 7:54 pm
really good.i like the revisions :)
ink_siren replied...
May 14, 2011 at 10:58 pm
Danke Schon! Hopefully our lyrics will be up soon too :P
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