April 2, 2011
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Time tells a story only my watch could decipher so lets spite time and go counter clock ways.
Lets go down the up escalator and get stuck in thoughts of charity.
You say your heart got lost in an abyss Causing dismal thoughts of despair
But I will defy destiny and rearrange the stars
Ill take their burning plasma and light up the pit to find your heart
Love is fidelity to the tenth degree
Burning hot passion on the back seat
No denying the outbursts of affection that escape from your lips
I'll send a ransom note along with the classified words that escaped from our lips
So down a bottle of delight and let the pain shed from your mind
Tears lined with happiness escape from the rims of your evergreen eyes
Look deep enough and you can see the juvenile compassion inhabits your intuition
So take a shot of trust for me and chase it with some hope
Mix me in with some of that nicotine seeping into your lungs
Drunken words are sober truths so lets stay composed and speak the words on our mind

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