Reigning Sensation

April 2, 2011
By Kaylee Musso BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
Kaylee Musso BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
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Stacy Westfall is her name
Reining is her game
Sliding stops,
And flying lead changes are her things

She rides with skill and confidence
She rides with smoothness and finesse
She rides with speed and control
She rides with liberty and freedom
She rides as one with her horse

She wowed the crowd on freestyle night
In the year two-thousand six
When she road bareback and bridleless
It was down at Quarter Horse Congress
In front of a sold out coliseum
When Stacy Westfall
Became the new champion in town

As a little girl, she wasn’t rich
Had a penny pony but that was it
Until when she was in fifth grade,
Her dad said if she got all A’s…

So she worked real hard to chase her dreams
And finally earned a little mare named Bay
She worked real hard to chase her dreams
And look where that got her today

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