Not right

April 9, 2011
By , freehold, NJ
I stare at her
Across the classroom.
Her chin resting
In her palm.
Her golden curls
Cascade down her back,
Tempting me with their beauty.
Her blue eyes stay hidden from mine.
But that doesn’t matter,
Because I know their every detail.
Her body’s bent over her desk,
Studying, working, listening.
And all I can think is,
I want to listen to her,
And show her that I care.
I want to hold her,
And never leave her side.
I want those glorious eyes on me,
And only me.
I want to cherish her,
And only her.
All I want is to love her.
But when she looks at me,
It’s not love I see,
But disgust.
And why wouldn't it be?
Because I am a girl
And that’s just not right.

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Sayshal said...
May 12, 2011 at 9:05 pm
Not good? Not good?! This is awesome.
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