New Day

April 9, 2011
By colorsofwind SILVER, Redmond, Washington
colorsofwind SILVER, Redmond, Washington
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New Day

Like a surreal illusion, the world roams around me.
The peace of early morning is still in the air, yet I know
The earth has woken up from her night time slumber
Her shore meditates on the morning sounds,
Preparing for a new day.
A soft breeze creates a satin blanket across my cheek.
The waves crash, music to my ears.
The warm air cushions and cuddles me in her soft grasp.
I am content in these hours, when the world is not yet awake.
Time seems to pause for a moment, and prepare for a new day.
I see others, but they do not speak.
By unspoken contract, none will break the silence,
That for a little while longer can still roam this shore,
And smother out all sounds within our ears.
Light streams down from the newly born sun.
Soft fluffy clouds hang silently in the air,
And create a whole new world where someone could believe that
All could be happy, peaceful, tranquil,
If they but noticed the beauty that floats above their eyes.
The sun streams her golden light across the island
Chasing away the dark shadows of the night
And bringing in the bright hopes of a day newly born;
Golden light gleams against the water
Tracing her bright morning path.
A fog shadows some distant mountains,
Making this place, right now, seem the only thing real
And the world but a tiny island
Where all can rest and grow in them
The peace of the island,
The light of the everlasting sun,
And the happy tranquility that so envelopes
Her inner reaches.
But the time has come.
The new day is upon us.
I stand to face it with new peace in my heart.
And somehow I know, this place will always be here.
Somewhere within me, I can always find the peace of the island.

The author's comments:
I woke up early one morning in Hawaii and went on a beautiful beach run. I stopped at a dock with my notebook and that was when I wrote this piece.

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