April 9, 2011
I would enjoy living life lavish
Not having to worry about taxes
I think about Jews vs. the Arabic
And other racial disputes disguised by religion
What about the word underprivileged?
That words relation to children
Rich companies donating
Use that as their gimmick
My thoughts aren’t always so deep
When I dream for nice cars on TV
At times I tend to think very selfishly
Hating on dudes living better than me
I’m conscious of the significance of life itself
My homie Jamal died years ago from sickle cell
It’s important to me that I maintain my health
To me living is a lot more important than wealth
I can’t believe all of this fakeness
Young women with breast augmentations
Iniquity is what I see in the streets
Homies of mine getting beat by police
I‘m skeptical of the origin of the aids disease
Feasibly manufactured by government doctors
Corrupt system put cameras in the hood to watch us
How safe are genetically modified products?
Why do all some people care about is Prada?
Same people who’ll do anything for watches
If we all share the same problems
Let’s care to help each other solve them

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