Reaching the Starting Block

April 9, 2011
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There’s a moment that occurs in my life every now and then,
It’s a moment when my adrenaline races fast.
This moment is my moment when time stands still,
When nothing matters anymore, and the only thing I see is the lane.
All the noises that once consumed my ears, have faded away.
I stand atop the starting block, crouched and silent.
“Swimmers, take your mark…Beep!”
I, along with 6 others, push off our blocks.
We split the air, and I wish just for an instant, that time slowed down.
But before I can catch the moment entirely, I have already penetrated the water.
It closes in around me, and I glide under the surface, ready to race and ready to win or lose. Either way, I reached the starting block.

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