Teaching through Turbulence

March 21, 2011
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As the day dawns, your thunderous voice awakens me.
I listen to your voice drone on and on,
Like hailstones pounding against a car.
I try to breeze through, you demand more.

Lecturing through the downpour
Of my every complaint and objection.
You roll your eyes at my disdain,
Pressing through my undying lethargy.

The frigid air clenches my hands;
Uninspired, I give up trying.
Your voice surges through the desolate air,
Like a summer breeze radiating warmth.

Animating my stoic persona,
Your continual speeches and standards;
Raise me to new heights of wisdom,
I deemed unattainable.

As I crash upon an unknown land,
Rays of sunlight caress my skin.
I walk upon the grains of sand,
With a new drive to inspire you.

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