Fatal Problem

March 21, 2011
By Drake18 GOLD, Schoharie, New York
Drake18 GOLD, Schoharie, New York
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I gaze upon your immaculate beauty,
You catch my eyes and strike a pose.
Stopped in a moment of time,
You hold me in place with a subtle smile.

Daring me to react, afraid to make any movement;
I flinch as your voice penetrates my threshold.
Each syllable you muster leaves my body vibrating,
Like a lion’s roar intimidating all aggressors.

I slowly listen as gusts of wind swirl around me;
Results of your powerful wings slow rise and fall,
With an eternal impatience of being in my presence.
The world shakes with the rising of your voice.

My heart slows to a steady beat,
As your voice dies down
You, with your godly patience, await my response;
Every ripple of your body like the tick-tock of a hidden clock.

I trace every detail of your face,
See your blood-thirst rising with my somber silence.
So I remain speechless,
Lost in your paradoxical riddle.

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