A Message

April 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Down in the valley and up on the mountain,
Under the water and over the sea,
The tears are flowing down fast as a fountain,
Each tear, a message for you from me,
A message that says, loud and clear,
Why, why, why, am I left down here,
Down here alone, when you’re up there singing?
Chained to the earth when you’re finally free?
I’m sending you tears, each droplet bringing,
A message, a message, for you from me,
Why, why, why have you left us crying?
I know that you have people to see,
Lots to do in your life after dying,
But maybe, you could write back to me?
I’ll find your reply in your tears that fall,
Know every raindrop’s made special for me,
I love you forever shines out your call,
A message, a message, from you, to me.

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