April 7, 2011
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America; if a person was to look back in the books of our history, a person could see that things have greatly changed.
America; we used to be able to look at the newspaper in the morning without this huge worry that we now experience.
Why is it that we are afraid to watch or read the news?
Because all we see now is violence and unintelligence and not peace.
Is there ever anything good left in this world anymore?
If there is, then it is hidden within cities and towns, and not plastered on the major news papers.
Why do we promote violence by giving them major recognition in our daily lives?
Does this not help lead to more violence, because children and teenagers are living by these examples?
What has our world come to when the front page of Time Magazine is filled with stupidity?
Like the man in San Antonio who was angered to learn about the Beefy Crunch Burrito special had ended and the price had risen to 50 cents and shot up the drive through with a BB gun;
But he also had a pistol and rifle on his possession without a license.

Isn’t this world’s population mainly real people?
If so then why on every magazine are their main focus celebrities?
From whose in rehab or on drugs;
To Angelina Jolie and her new adoptive foreign children.
Why is it so easy to focus on people in the spot lights mistakes?
But yet we cannot even focus on our own mistakes at home.
Why must everything we read these days be dripping like crimson blood with drama?
True; Lindsey Lohan being sent to rehab,
And Angelina’s foster child going out of his mind
Does sell more than something like starving children throughout the world.

Why is it that we can hide from our own problems in the United States and not pay any attention to fixing them;
But when Japan or Haiti are hit by mother nature,
Our government decides that they have to drop everything and send our men and women who fight for our country over to theirs to help with the disaster relief.
To me America, that doesn’t quite add up.

Look at the influence that children and teenagers have these days.
From the sex and violence in movies and television programs,
To the language and violence in music and video games.
No wonder why in the past decade there have been more percentile of courts having to hear juvenile cases.
Aren’t adults supposed to set an example for today’s youth?
Why is it that now children have become mature faster than usual?
Why is it that now it is children’s jobs to take care of their siblings while their parents are out making the world a worse place to live in?

Now we have increased the racial problems again in our society;
With violence, anger and profanity.
What Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard to push to people,
Has now back fired, and we are repeating the past all over again.
Why is it that there are “gang fights” and racial slurs, just because the teenagers or kids see this on the movie screen and in music.
Will every race never be safe?
Where there always be this hatred towards one another when we are all just people in this world?

How do we as a society come back from all of this?
Increased pregnancy rates in high school;
Followed by increasing drop out rates in high school.
Our world is becoming less and less educated,
Just as if we are going back to the 1700’s.
Do children not see this as anything being wrong?
Does it not pop out to them that something majorly isn’t right in this world?
America; to me it does.

America I swear; our country is becoming one big giant black hole.
Everything our past ancestors and presidents, and political speakers fought so hard to gain;
Is now spinning down deeper into that black hole.

Things here need to be changed back to good civilization where it is safe to walk down the streets alone or with one friend of a different race.
To where it is safe to practice your freedom of speech.
If this does not happen soon;
America I am afraid that we have gone down the drain;
And we will never recover.
“Those who do not study the past are condemned to repeat it in the present.”

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