First Kiss

April 1, 2011
By hartshorne BRONZE, Highalnds Ranch, Colorado
hartshorne BRONZE, Highalnds Ranch, Colorado
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Is he leaning in?
No, he can’t be!?!
It’s only been a month!
I’m only 11 for god’s sake!!
Did he just ask Griffin to hold his hand?
Aww but weird…
Is he nervous?
Will he really do it?
Kayla is giving me that “look”
Should I pucker?
Oh no! He is leaning again!
Fewph, he stopped!
Did he just suggest a hill?!?!
Ok! I know I am tall but really!
Griffin is still holding his hang! Haha!
OH MY GOD! He is leaning in again!
WOAH! I am way to yuh yuh yuuuhhh!
Eww! We taste weird!
Ha! I just fell down the hill!
My mom’s calling
I have to be home
I’m not allowed to date boys yet
My stomache hurts
Is that guilt?
But I didn’t kiss him back!?!
Did I?
She’ll kill me!
But it’s my birthday!
Oh god!
I can’t tell her, I just can’t!
What she doesn’t know won’t kill.
Knock, knock, knock….Mom?

The author's comments:
This is about my first kiss

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