April 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Lying listlessly on an aging white mattress
I can see leaks of cloudy white air slipping past
The vulnerable walls of my curtains
My heart is as vulnerable,
Always questioning, always discovering
New ways to overanalyze your words.
I think I’d rather remain here and let sleep take me again,
To a world of escape.
But I can’t be a refugee, for there is no refuge
When thoughts of you pry my unwilling eyes open.
With you away from me, in body and in mind,
All of this time feels wasted
And I’m left remembering
The night we stayed up and finished each other’s
Sentences till the sun came up and
Made us realize it had been hours since we’d run out of things to say.
But all of the sweetest memories are
Caught up in a web of confusion.
Let’s skip the politeness
And start getting real
Because the world is growing dimmer
And we deserve more than memories.

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