Watch YOUR Mouth

April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

The one you call stupid,
you call fat,
you call a b****,
you call ugly,
what you don't know,
doesn't affect you.
she sits in her bed,
stares at the wall,
tries to choke,
doesn't go to school,
because of the words you said.
She's sick, but won't show it.
She hides it all.
with just a fake smile.
even from the ones who matter most.
TRUST, what is it?
She says she trusts them,
but won't tell them she hurts.
She needs help,
did she stop breathing?
Who will help her?
She's lost in her thoughts...
Claustrophobic to the world.

..If only you didn't call her names.

The author's comments:
some people are severely depressed in the world, and i dedicate this poem i wrote to them.

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