April 5, 2011
By LovelyNeisha SILVER, Shreveport, Louisiana
LovelyNeisha SILVER, Shreveport, Louisiana
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Hurt in my eyes and pain in my heart.
I try not to let the bad forces get me down, and keep me from reaching my goals.

I try not to let struggling capture me, and keep me from reaching those goals.
I want to be successful, and happy.

I want the best out of life, but how do I know if I’ll make it there if I let my trials, and tribulations get me down, and break me down.
I want to reach my goals, and be successful.

Trying not to give up or give in.
It is just like I’m in an ocean with a weight tied around my ankles keeping me from reaching the surface to get air.
Sometimes I feel like life is choking me, cutting off my air supply.

Wondering will I ever get pass this phase.
I want to give up and walk away from what’s in store for me, but I feel that I’ll be like all the rest.

We have dreams, and don’t go after them.
We then realize later on in life that we could’ve accomplished those goals if only we pushed ourselves harder.

I’m going to push myself to reach my goals and make something out of my life.
I ask myself a million times which way are you going to go? And what path are you going to take now?
I can’t really say at this point which way my heart wants to go or which road it wants to take.

I question can I take any more of the pain that is being issued to me?
Can I wake up in the morning and smile when all I want to do is cry?

Many nights I have cried myself to sleep because my heart has endured so much pain.
I know that its starting to really get in my head because now and days I really don’t sleep at night.

Spend most of my time tossing and turning.
Wondering and crying.
I must not let this thing called life ruin me, and get me to my lowest point.

I must be strong and keep pushing.
It’s in my best interest to make it, to fight and not give up or give in.

The author's comments:
Just my life and what Ive been going through and my relationship life.

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