A Little Lost Heart

April 5, 2011
By LovelyNeisha SILVER, Shreveport, Louisiana
LovelyNeisha SILVER, Shreveport, Louisiana
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A little lost heart is walking down this lonely and dark road.
Suddenly what wa known as familiar is unfamiliar to her.
The little lost heart is being taunted by broken promises, lies, and pain.
The little lost heart tries so hard to run, but it's like she can't get away from it all.
She tries to think of ways that she can out smart the broken promises, lies, and pain.
She tries to shake it off her shoulder like it's nothing to her knowing deep down inside it's something she's felt before.
She hide's behind a wall as she feels the tears wells up in her eyes.
She turns to runaway before the broken promises, lies, and pain can see her tears, but something in her says it's to late.
She finds a comfortable and secluded place to let her tears flow freely.
She listens as other hearts gather around her, and point as though they've never seen a heart cry before.
She gets up to run away, but she feels her friend little lost love tell her to stop and hold on, this to will pass.
Just give yourself time to heal, and soon little lost heart it'll be over.

The author's comments:
this piece was inspired because of how my gf did me and how my mama felt about once she heard me crying over what had just had the night i wrote this.

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