A Blessing in Disguise

April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

They say you never know what you have, until its gone.
But, maybe you just never realize how lucky you were when you had it.
How fortunate, you were.
And how you took it all for granted.

Now it’s gone.
Carried away, like a soft whisper in a loud wind.
You stare into the darkness of the night.
Searching your mind for an answer.
But, you can’t find one.

You’re last moments together repeat in you’re brain.
Again, and again.
The smile on his face,
The happiness in you’re heart.

Now it is nothing but a memory.
Sure to fade over time.
Into nothing but a fear,
That it will happen again.
To someone else, just as dear.

The pain and sorrow built up in you’re heart,
Is releases slowly with each sob.
But, after a while you have nothing left to cry about.
As time goes on,
It slowly gets better.

You accept the fact that it happened.
And there is nothing you can do to change it.
You’re heart will never let you forget how it feels.

The pain won’t be so intense,
But the misery and sorrow you faced,
Will only make you appreciate what and who you have,
Even more.

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