April 19, 2011
By riotgirl1134 PLATINUM, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
riotgirl1134 PLATINUM, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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I love you so much. you’ve become a giant piece of my heart. If ever we part it’d rip apart. No longer do I just want you around. you’ve become a necessity. I need you as much as I need to breathe. You’ve filled a gap in my bleeding heart. You hold me together when I start to fall apart. I hate that I feel this way. Baby I'm so caught up in you. Without you I am so blue. When you hold me all imperfections fade. In your embrace I've found my place. With every kiss I forget I'm so broken. You bring me to life. You resuscitate my bleeding heart. You remind me that its all worth it. I now know why no one in my past last. Because my fingers were made to be intertwined in yours. You heal all that's broken. I'm sorry I'm such a mess. I'm sorry that I get so depressed. I wish the broken parts didn't show. I never really wanted you to know. If only I could kill theses insecurities and not feel like a weight. You question if you’re good enough for me. Everyday i question, am I good enough for you? Every single time I look at you all that comes to mind is god damn I am so lucky. I'll never understand how I ended up so lucky. I just fear we’ll become like my past. I never want us to crash.

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