you said you hated me

April 20, 2011
By curtisha BRONZE, Valley, Nebraska
curtisha BRONZE, Valley, Nebraska
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i sat on the bed my weapon of choice in hand
did it matter what i was about to do
you said you didn't care so why try to stop me
So i sat and i cut until all the pain was gone
i fell asleep arm in shreds but heart in pieces
y did it take so long for you to realize that not only time can heal my scares but loves
you said you hated me but you never caught on my self medication was my weapon so instead of talking i sat on that bed one final time with weapon in hand i told my self it was my last time but shortly after i realized that it would soon become a habit so when i was mad and you hurt me i hurt my self even more you didn't even care enough to stop and think i could have caused this so i left and went with her she was the help i got she helped me stop. when i felt down and wanted to harm myself she helped me stop because i was loved i no longer had a reason to hurt my self just because you hurt me there was no need for attention for nobody knew. i didn't cry at night because with the pain went all emotion so i sit here today and say that only love and time can mend my broken heart that you ripped apart

The author's comments:
i used to but i stopped it wasn't smart

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