April 7, 2011
What is the true meaning of freedom? What does it mean to feel free?
It is the feeling or state of mind to seeing more than what meets the eye, looking beyond every leaf, every tree, every mountain, and opening one's eyes to a new form of reality which cannot be shared with anyone but one's own subconscious being. It is when the perspective of life changes in a way that strikes the usual vision. The skies seem bigger, the cliffs seem higher, the sight of that one horizon seems to take you further beyond what you've ever gained knowledge of... it's as if life itself ostracized you to a new form of nature where you stand above everything else, overpowering every obstacle that is presented. You accost this world showing greater amounts of fortitude, emulating to overt a rejuvenated mind that you've claimed as your own.
So what is freedom? It is knowing that nothing more can satisfy one's greatest desires. It is pride kept without shame or regrets. It is the image of love which an individual can portray, preserve in a unique way that differs from others' idealizations of it. Love for what surrounds you, love for oneself...a carefree feeling where happiness remains ceaseless.

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